Coal pile or “kolmila” in Rävaberg” near Edsbyn – David Åberg

Probably David Åberg, son of Per Johan Åberg

Coal pile, “kolmila” near Edsbyn with group of men, approx 1910.

This image was in my great grandfather’s photo collection. (This is cropped version of the original to show more detail.)

Our family believes the young man on far right is David Åberg, son of Per Johan Åberg and grandson of Olof Olsson Åberg. This may be around 1910. Would like to identify other people in photo.

From Kjell Åberg – I have not seen this type before, but it looks like a “kolmila”, where you build an intricate pattern with lumber and then light it very carefully and guard it so it burns very slowly and not completely – to make charcoal. Very common in the old days, they used it for many purposes, e.g. in blacksmiths’s shops. Could also be a type of oven for burning clay to bricks. But I think the former is the most probable.

From Calle Ringbo – I have shown the photo to Rolf Strand, (grandson of C.O. Åberg) who says he has seen the photo before, it is a coal pile and the photo is from a small town, “Rävaberg” outside Edsbyn.